Flower Commons - A Farm for Florists, Crafters & Designers

Flower Commons

Our flowers are COOL -   we mean C02L.  They are grown without fossil-fuel dependent fertilizers and pesticides.  We use crop rotations to build healthy soil. We never use GMOs or neonicotinoids.  We grow seedlings in a 'cool' greenhouse with no added heat.  Our farm does not generate any C02 emissions.    In fact,  we are a sink for C02 emissions generated by others.


When you buy our flowers - you are cooling the planet!




 Cool Flower Shares


We also offer a 'flower share' program -  at least 8 bunches (10 stems in a bunch) of the best blooms that week including focals, spillers, fillers and greenery.  $45/week.  Delivered to KW area on Tuesdays,  or pick-up at the farm Mon - Wed.

What's in a 'share'?

For example,  the share for August 8 includes: hanging amaranthus, sweet peas, zinnias, lambs ears, hydrangeas, cerinthe, grasses and phlox. Flowers are cleaned, conditioned, wrapped and delivered in buckets. If you are a florist,  a designer,  an event organizer,  a church group,  or just a person who loves playing with flowers -  this is the best 'deal' you will ever find on farm fresh flowers. 

You don't have to be a florist!!!  Why not treat yourself and your friends to a backyard flower arranging party and order a couple of buckets for the weekend?


DIY Weddings

You can DIY and order flowers in a few different ways....

1. The "I'm totally layed back"  approach -   Just order by the bucket and have fun with your friends arranging.  We'll pick a wide assortment of whatever is nicest that day.  We'll make sure there is greenery, focal flowers, fillers,  and flowers that hang down.  The flowers are all cleaned and ready to arrange. There are over 100 stems in a bucket for $55 (bring your own bucket and transfer them).

2. The "I'm relaxed but I want a bit of control" approach -   Order a bucket of 100 stems,  but you choose colours and flowers that we pick.  Just email us the colours or flowers you are looking for,  and your date,  and we'll let you know what is possible. We don't promise specific flowers though -  only Mother Nature can do that.   But you can drop by a week before your event and finalize your order and we'll 'reserve' those flowers for you.   Flowers are picked, cleaned and conditioned.  You just bring a bucket, transfer them and take them home. $70 for a bucket.

3. The "I know exactly what I want" approach -   If you know what flowers you want,  then just email us to see if we'll have them for your date.  We sell what we have by the bunch,  and we can give you a price for the quanitty you need.




Cut Your Own Flowers & Flower Market

NOW OPEN - Every Sunday  we open our farm to people who want to wander through our flower fields.  Just bring pruners or scissors and a bucket and pick your own flowers or herbs until your heart's content.  Prices vary from 3 stems/$1  to  $5.00 each. No pets please.  9:00 - 5:00.


Roadside Flower Stand

We are in the process of setting up a self-serve roadside flower stand.  We expect to be ready by mid July.  Check back for updates.

Meanwhile -  you can order a bouquet  for pick-up anytime!!!   An 'average' bouquet fits in a large canning jar size vase - $15.00.   Or if you want something extraordinary -  order a 'large' bouquet (over 25 stems) for $25.00.  

Flowers make an amazing hostess gift that will get everyone's attention. Our hand made bouquets are made fresh and full.  Each is totally unique!