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Introducting  REALLY Cool Markets!!!


Besides being busy with all things flowers,  we have been partnering with a new not-for-profit  -  Open Food Network Canada - to learn how we can get better at using tech tools to connect 'feeders with eaters'.

So together with OFN-CAN,  we are launching a new project that we've called 'Really Cool Markets'.  We like to be clever and spell this CO2L  -  to signal how consumers can help ecological growers to cool the planet by buying food that is  produced without fossil-fuel derived fertilizers and pesticides,  and grown with 'cool' practices like cover cropping that builds soil so it can be a 'carbon sink'.  

So -  that's all really COOL!



We can work with you to set up your very own organic food hub wherever you are -   at your workplace,  in your neighbourhood, at your school,   etc.    It could be a hub where orders are pre-packed and pre-paid for -  so no fuss no muss.   Or -  it could be a monthly 'pop-up' market you set up for co-workers or area residents.  It could be done as a fundraiser or not.  Lots of possibilities.

So if that peaks your interest - get in touch with us

We're cooling the planet one pop-up at a time!