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Plant Sale

Spring Plant Sales



'Self-Serve' Plants & Seedlings

1528 Notre Dame Drive, St. Agatha

May 21 - May 29

We'll have a wide assortment of:  vegetable seedlings, heritage tomatoes, herb plants,  annual flowers and perennials for sale for a full week this spring.

This is primarily a 'self serve' sale -  just wander through and pick up what you need.  Cash only.


Perennials -  available all season long!

We have a large assortment of perennials available all season long.  We do not have an on-line catalogue of these - the inventory keeps changing.  In person shopping only.  Cash only.

Perennial sales are every Sunday 9:00 - 4:00 pm.


Our plants are non-GMO and grown without neonicotinoids, growth hormones, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.