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Food Box Program/CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way of buyng fresh, local and (in this case) certified organic produce that benefits both the farmer and the consumer. You register in advance as a "shareholder" and each week you visit us on the farm or get a delivery of your share of the harvest.    (Read a timeline about how this ethical buying model has evolved in Ontario.)


Garden Party is a multi-farm CSA. We grow and source organic produce from several local farms. This means you get the widest variety of organic AND local produce available. Everything we grow or source is certified organic by either Pro-Cert or Eco-Cert.

This program is a way of supporting small farmers who can't supply the kinds of quantities that supermarkets purchase.  So it's a way of keeping small local organic farms viable.   At the same time, its a way that you can get local and organic produce that isn't available in area stores.  Purchasing food ethically can make overwhelming demands on people,  and at times it seems impossible to do given our hectic schedules.   But at Garden Party, we offer you a chance to participate as partners with us in making the food choices we know are right.

At Garden Party our CSA operates year round - so you can choose winter, spring, summer or fall food boxes (shares). Your share changes with the season - so you are always getting the freshest local and organic produce possible. In the spring, summer and fall -  you have the option of picking up your share at Bailey's Local Foods.  In the winter -  we only offer pick-up at Baileys (there is no on-farm option).