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Situated just 10 minutes outside of Kitchener-Waterloo,  Garden Party is a small farm with a unique vision.  For several years we hosted the Canadian Organic Growers demonstration gardens (Diversity Gardens).  Now, the farm has expanded to 4 acres and is a year-round certified organic farm business.   But we are not just a farm. We have assembled a group of organic farmers, researchers and writers,  and we grow ideas as well as vegetables.

The lead for Garden Party is Theresa Schumilas.   Theresa has been a leader in the organic farm community and an organic farmer for over 20 years.  She is best known for her vision and research in the area of local food systems.    After years of coaching new organic farmers in their business planning,  she has turned her attention to her own business -  Garden Party.


1528 Notre Dame Drive.,  St. Agatha,  Ontario  N0B 2L0.   519 885 8775

Easiest way to reach us is email:    tschumilas (at) rogers.com




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