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Building Bridges

Posted by Theresa Schumilas Sep 26, 2011

Welcome to the Garden Party blog. This is new for me - so help me promote this if you like it or know someone else who might!

There are lots of blogs about life on a small organic farm - some of them with the most beautiful and inspiring pictures, some with great “do it yourself” projects,   some with mouth watering recipes that make use of bushels of eggplant (which are taking over my kitchen at the moment – I’ll spare you the pics.)

On the other hand, there are lots of blogs of a more theoretical and academic nature that relate to the small farm -   musings about how capitalism is changing,   the varied causes of food crises, agrarian social movements .....

It seems to me that the academic blogs are not easily read by someone who is just come in from shovelling manure and has a few minutes break before they need start pickling eggplant.   Nor does the tyranny of details and “stuff to do” in the farm blogs grab the attention of the academics.  

This blog attempts bridge building.   My life is in these two different worlds and I love them both. So, I’m going to try to be the good party host and introduce you to each other.   Each week I’ll blog about a particular journal article or concept that I’ve been studying and bring it to life by talking about how it relates to my everyday world of the farm.   My academic “field” is human geography and I study (what is typically called) alternative food systems. My interest is in figuring out how, in Canada (where there is still sparse literature on the topic) we can build different food systems that are socially and ecologically just and fair for everyone.   Meanwhile my farm “field” is sown with certified organic vegetables for my CSA (an example of one of those alternatives.)

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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